Dragon Den

The day was here, finally, Dragon Den has come. From weeks we have been working for this day. Thinking of Dragon Den scared me, it was not just a normal pitch we were required to pitch our business idea to the panel of judges who were experts from different industry this made me a bit horrified. Although it was just for our practice for the final Dragon Den and judges were just giving us genuine feedback on our business idea.  We decided to work on the Brexit card game in more detail and prepare the pitch according to it.  We designed the script for the pitch and was very careful about the content. It was a lot of work to be done, we were working entire night and rehearsing for the pitch. I chose to speak about the competitors, market entry and the conclusion. It went well I was happy with my part of the presentation and figured out on what I have to improvise.  I remember how difficult it was for Parag to present in front of panel and people, he worked so hard on the pitch and practiced it multiple times, seeing his efforts I was extremely glad that members of my team try so hard to give there best. The day went well we received mixed feedback and it was really helpful for us to improvise our product. In the end, we had valuable learning from this session and will be delighted to present it again.


Following is our script for Dragon Den:

Introduction NATALIA: Hello everybody, the name of our team is Global Portrait. This is Sam, Harshita, Natalia and Parag to point out. Today we would like to present you our start-up idea, ‘May or Nay’. This is a card game that is meant to familiarise people with such complicated topic as Brexit in an ironic and entertaining way. Understand Brexit? We have you covered! You may not fully understand it, but don’t worry! According to many politicians, not even Theresa May has a full understanding. And that’s where the name of the product comes from.


Whilst Brexit is such a hot topic within the UK and the E.U. and seems to cause many political arguments among people, despite no one really understands what’s going on. Therefore, May or Nay is supposed to solve the problem of social disconnection, by gathering people together, making them laugh around the table.


NEEDS PARAG: Nowadays people rarely play card games, which create a lack of socialising within groups. This product focuses on socialising and discusses a trending topic (Brexit). ‘May or Nay’ involves discussing a very complex political issue whilst creating a fun/ social environment to do this in.

Since the vote on Brexit of 52%- 48% in favour of leave, the United Kingdom has been divided and this should not be the case. ‘May or Nay’ will bring together both the ‘remain’ and ‘leave’ groups, whilst also giving such an important issue a humorous concept.



Product explained SAM: There are several key cards that are including in two decks:

Deck 1:
4x Trusty Cameroon
4x Evil Corbyn
4x B.J.
4x Tricky Farage
4x E.U Tusk
4x Scottish Sturgeon
4x Trump beats all
4x Junker or Bunker
4x German Merkel
4x May or Nay

The other deck includes:

Deck 2:
4 power cards of Article 50 (you can end the game at any point), 29th March (you have one more round to go), Remain , Leave, and Impartial

There will then be 56 more cards within this deck.

Deck 1 is dealt out with every player having 5 politician cards and these will be laid face up in front of each player for every player to see.

5 cards will then be dealt to each player and these will be kept in every player’s hand (so no one else can see them).

The cards that are left from deck 2 will then be placed in the middle of everyone in a pile.

The objective of the game is to get rid of every politician card in front of you by using cards from your own hand.

However, be careful! Every other player can play a card on top of your politician card to make sure your card does not get rid of your politician.

Don’t forget it is meant to be a light-hearted game so, be prepared for some laughs!

COSTING SAM: We have estimated our manufacturing cost for a single deck near about 7 pounds (printing of cards+ packing) and our major cost would be more marketing and promotions and we goanna sell it at a price of 14 pounds.



Competitors HARSHITA: There are plenty of political card games available via the Internet. However, there is only one Brexit board game that we could find when conducting our research but this is very serious and does not have the element of fun/ laughs involved.


Market entry HARSHITA: We expect our first customers to be the one who to wants to have fun with Brexit and to understand it better.

Additionally we expect this game to be bought by families and group of friends, who want to reconnect following the Brexit vote.

Now coming to marketing strategy.. We will apply digital marketing strategy on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, and will create hash tag #mayornay. We find digital marketing will be more efficient in our case because of its low cost and high market reach. In addition to that, we will go for offline marketing strategy, such as distribution of flyers promoting our game, in pubs around London because we expect our target customers to hang out in pubs after work and have highly intellectual conversations on current political issues in fun way over a few pints of beer. We can sell our product B2B through offline retail stores and as well online.
ConclusionHARSHITA: At the end of the day, Brexit is such a serious topic and has divided a nation, so why not to make it as light hearted as possible and try to make a country (or at least a family united again). We just want to reconnect a country that seems extremely divided following the vote on the 23rd June 2016.









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