Forming Global Portrait

It was time to create our design thinking team, we were asked to form a team of four members from different background and different course. As I joined college late due that I missed the induction programme, so I hardly knew anybody. But we were given few weeks to socialize and get to know each other and I made few friends. Parag became my good friend in initial days of college so we decided to form a team together. Parag and I are from IME and now we needed two members from a different course, it was a bit annoying task as people already formed team with there friends. Then Parag went to his induction week team members as he had a good experience while working with them and they won then the induction week competition as well. So, fortunately, Sam and Natalia agreed to be the co-founder of our company.  Sam and Natalia were new to me but I was quite sure that we would emerge as a good team. After the group formation, we started meeting frequently show that we know each other in a better way.


Things went well, now it was time to decide the name of the company that was a bit difficult task as we came with various names like blaze but ended up with ‘Global Portrait’, I know it
sounds strange but our objective was to give a unique name so we came up with name Global Portrait. According to us, we can justify the meaning of Global Portrait as our team members belong to a different country and different background so the name portraits the image as a whole society. After weeks it was time to decide the designation of team members we made four designations namely Managing Director, Finance Director, Sales Director and Operational Director. Everybody with mutual consent made Natalia as a Managing Director, I became Finance Director, Sam became Sales Director and Parag Operational Director.


It is vital to form a team of good people and I am glad that I found great people in my team. Now my motive is to work hard with the cofounders of the company and to take the company at peak.


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