Searching up for the Right Idea

Now after forming the team, the next step was to search an innovative business idea. We started with finding out the problem, what people face in their day to day life. It took us weeks to struggle with ideas, we came up with different ideas like creating an app for people who need various types of blood group linking it with blood banks, biodegradable clothing and creating a vape that counts the number of puffs taken by a person in a day and helps to quit smoking but after doing brainstorming we realised that these ideas are not gonna work in the long run and we will end up messing with product.

20181109_143600So, after discussions, we finalised our product ‘SÖTFILT’, it is a Swedish name that means sweet blanket. Our Business idea was to create a blanket and a scarf with magnetic stripes. We designed this product to target the issue that people face while sleeping as the blanket move from one corner to another while sleeping. This product is designed to solve this issue by attaching magnetic stripes to the ends of two of corners So that people get better sleep without any struggle with the blanket.


We knew more research was needed before going for this product. Then we were asked to present our business idea to everyone so that we get feedback. I was curious to know the feedback from faculties and my classmates.

We started well of and delivered the presentation gave a brief about our idea and what problem we are actually tackling. After this presentation our head was clear, at least now we had a direction to go for.

Now, all we were required to do was deep research and work more on the idea.





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